Amanda & Dan's Iconic Love Story

Amanda & Dan's Iconic Love Story

Amanda & Dan’s Iconic Love Story

 How did you guys meet?

Dan: We went to primary school together and met again as teenagers on a night out in 2006.

Amanda: Dan was drunk, ran up to me, kissed me and ran away! The next night he apologised, asked for my number and the rest is history! We have been together for 15 years now and lived in Australia together for 10 of them before coming back to the UK!

What was your first impression of each other?

Amanda: He was definitely my type and very charismatic!

Dan: She was really good looking and just so laid back and fun. There were never any awkward moments between us, it was so natural.

How did Dan propose?

Amanda: Originally, he was going to propose at Roys Peak, one of my favourite places in New Zealand when we were on holiday there. But on that day I was really sick! So he decided not to do it then. Instead, on Christmas morning, he brought me up a cup of tea like he does every morning, then got down on one knee next to the bed and asked “Will you marry me?” and I said “Yes!”. It was so lovely.

Dan: I was a little bit nervous. I think we both had a little cry!


How did it feel wearing that ring?

Amanda: I was just so scared I was going to lose it at first! Now it feels so strange when I’m not wearing it, like something’s missing. I absolutely love it.


What part of the wedding planning process were you most excited about?

Amanda: We have great friends here and great friends in Australia. We were so excited about having all those people in one place. Also, the venue itself was the place I’d always wanted to get married so I couldn’t wait to book that!

Dan: The venue was really important to me because I knew how much it meant to Amanda.


How soon after the proposal did you start planning the wedding?

Amanda: It was a few weeks later, the venue was top of the list to get booked!


At what point did your plans start to change, due to restrictions?

Amanda: The first lockdown happened in March 2020 and we were due to get married that June, so we had already done pretty much everything by that point.

Dan: We had so many international guests coming that we knew we had to make the decision quickly to allow them time to change their travel plans.

Amanda: The decision would eventually have been taken out of our hands by the Government anyway.


How did you feel at that point?

Amanda: Really upset, we were so looking forward to this. But quickly that turned into pure determination.

Dan: We were so determined to have as many of our friends and family there as possible, aswell as the venue, photographer, band and all suppliers, so the safest way was to postpone to 2021.

Amanda: All our suppliers were absolutely amazing and so accommodating.


What has had to change from your original plans?

Amanda: We moved the wedding to July 2021. It’s also now on a Friday instead of a Saturday, which doesn’t bother us as it’ll be a nice long weekend! And we’re expecting our numbers to possibly be lower, depending on the restrictions by the summer.


What about the day will still be the same as you’d originally planned?

Amanda: We hope everything!


What are you most looking forward to on that day?

Dan: When I see her for the first time in her dress. And having everyone there too.

Amanda: I’m really excited about us clapping eyes on each other for the first time! And having as many people as we love there together. It will feel great to see two years of planning come together.


Do you have any honeymoon plans?

Dan: We were thinking about going to the Maldives. But our priorities have changed a bit now.

Amanda: We’ll probably do a mini-moon to Spa in Belgium for the Formula 1 and maybe travel around the UK for a few short trips. We spent 10 years out of the country so have lots to see here! Also, if our Australian guests aren’t able to make it, we would love to go out there next year to visit them.


What do you think you’ll remember the most when you look back at this time?

Amanda: I think I’ll remember how we made the best of it all.

Dan: I’ll remember the relief we felt once it was all booked for this year.


Do you have plans to celebrate again at a later date once all restrictions are lifted?

Amanda: If we can have all our UK guests here then no. If our international guests can’t come due to restrictions, then we will go and visit them once restrictions allow.

Dan: If restrictions go mad again, we will definitely do something at a later date to celebrate.


What would you say to people considering getting married this year?

Dan: Just go for it!

Amanda: Think about what’s important to you. The ultimate goal is getting married. You can always celebrate again at a later date. Think about what you want out of the day, you can absolutely make the most of it!


Thank you so much Amanda & Dan for sharing your Iconic Love Story with us! We wish you all the best for your wedding this July. Your story just proves how determination and an unstoppable partnership makes for a love that can’t be reckoned with! And a huge thank you for supporting local independent businesses when choosing all the elements of your big day!



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