Emma & Paul’s Iconic Love Story

Emma & Paul’s Iconic Love Story

Emma & Paul’s Iconic Love Story

How did you guys meet? 

We actually met at work , Paul moved up to channel house and was sat behind me. I wanted to order some alcohol from the ships (actually for my mum) and my usual contact referred me to Paul. We got chatting from there but still took another 4 months after that of on and off chatting (via email)  before we started talking about more than what wine order my mum wanted from the ship. Once we started chatting more about ourselves we realised we had a connection and continued for another 2 months before we picked up the phone to talk. Then a month later we decided to go on our first date (at his house scary !! For a cuppa tea ) 

     What was your first impression of each other? 

    Paul - we were compatible and liked the same things and got on really well, we also share a love for travel which we have done plenty of since meeting 4 years ago . We always talked for hours on the phone it was always quite easy and natural between us . Paul now says it’s the most expensive case of wine he’s ever bought ! New House and wedding later!

    Emma - we got on well straight away had lots in common and to talk about.  He was a good listener except for the time we stayed on the phone for hours one night I think it was about 5 hours and it was about 3 am and Paul fell asleep talking to me ! lol wasn’t funny at the time but it is to look back on now . I will give him his due it was 3 am he’s asleep by 9 pm these days . He’s really easy to get on with and we have a laugh and most importantly we trust each other implicitly. 

      How did Paul propose? 

      Paul - I proposed at the Shard in London, I was meant to do it on the Saturday but our plans didn’t go according to how we would have liked . The next day after a lovely day in London (for Emma’s birthday) having nice meals and cocktails we went for a a walk and Emma kindly had booked us a trip to the shard (I knew about this so used it as my opportunity to propose here) . When we entered the building I held back from her in the queue as they check your pockets in security and I didn’t want her to see the ring box. Once we got to the top I proposed and we had a drink to celebrate and Emma rushed out to tell our parents. 

      How did it feel having that ring on your finger?

        Emma - it felt amazing it’s nice to have it on your finger  and you know the meaning of having such a symbol on your finger . It made me happy and proud and also it shows the world that you are happy and committed to someone who you truly love. It’s a beautiful ring, I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was and I kept looking at it and taking photos and sending it to people!!

        I loved showing it off to everyone once we came back and announced to everyone we were to be married.

        What were you most excited about when you thought about starting to plan the wedding? 
          Paul - I was excited as neither of us have been married before and it’s all new to us . There was lots do look forward to; an engagement party as well as the actual wedding.  I was most excited about the venue and once we had confirmed all of the food and wine tasting evenings!!

            Emma - On the same day as getting engaged we went to a pub straight after for drinks to celebrate! I was so happy and chuffed I went straight online looking at venues in Kent . I had only been engaged 5 mins. But I knew there would be a lot of planning and I knew I wanted a wedding where all of my family and friends could come and attend as I do like a big party!! But I was excited to not only plan the wedding but have an awesome engagement party . 


            How soon after the proposal did you start wedding planning? 

            We started straight away as soon as we came back from London we were looking for venues in Kent and started booking in to go and view some . A month after being engaged we were booked in to The Old Kent Barn to be married exactly 2 years later . We did this first as it’s always best to secure the venue and then plan around that and I knew there would be a waiting list especially for a Saturday wedding. We had to wait 2 years .

            How far into the planning process were you when you realised your plans were going to have to change due to Covid restrictions? 

              We were due to get married September 2020, by April 2020 after having everything planned sent out all of our invites and practically done with all arrangements we began to realise it possibly was not going to happen. I contacted the venue but at that point they were only dealing with imminent weddings. I got a little frustrated as I wanted to change mine come May I tried with the venue again and this time they let me change it but they were having to do it in order of the dates people had booked understandably. 

              What did you have to change?

              We had to change the date to 2021 (this was a bit of a nightmare as they didn’t have any dates we wanted) the venue already knowing it would be busy with normal bookings never mind people having to re book was always going to be a challenge . We have kept the venue and everything is the else the same, the only thing I couldn’t keep for the new date was our photographer.



              How did you feel at that point? 

              We felt sad and upset it was very stressful having to rearrange the wedding as we did re arrange it for 2 different dates due to having to re arrange it for one reason or another . And on both occasions there was always 1 person / supplier that couldn’t change to the date we wanted whether it be the photographer or makeup or flowers .

              In the most we were lucky though and could have exactly what we had planned . It was a bit of touch and go at one point as we couldn’t get a Saturday in the peak we were struggling with dates and almost ended up in Vegas ! But in the week I had rearranged it all for a winter wedding there had been a cancellation for September which we took right away .

              This made us very happy as not only is it the same month as the 2020 wedding but it’s a Saturday wedding which we really wanted . All of the suppliers and associates could make it we just had to find a new photographer which in this circumstance wasn’t too bad as we knew people would have already booked up for 2021 .

              What about the big day will still be in place from your original planned day? 

              All of it is in place!! Nothing has changed apart from it being 1 year and 1 week on and we have a different photographer. And The Old Kent Barn now have a new menu which is great as we can re send out invites (via email) and use the brand new menu. We still have a few things to arrange; suits, shoes and wedding rings!!! :) 

               What are you most looking forward to about that day? 

              Paul - seeing Emma in her beautiful wedding dress and getting to marry the love of my life . Also after this year it will be even better we can have all of our family and friends at the venue with hopefully the restrictions being fully lifted come September. We never wanted a small wedding, to have to drop people from our wedding list would have been awful. 

              Emma - getting to marry my best friend and finally become a Mrs . Being able to have all our family and friends attend and see us become husband and wife and have a brilliant day, party and feel special as a bride for the whole day . I want everyone to have an amazing time and remember our wedding day and I will look forward to seeing everyone together especially after this tough year. I think it’s a date and a wedding and a party we all need! 

              Do you have honeymoon plans? 

              We had planned to go in Jan 2021 a few months after the wedding to the US. We have now moved this to Jan 2022 due to the wedding moving after covid ,  as we wanted to wait a couple of months after the wedding . We are going to Florida , Miami and on the Virgin cruise liner around to Mexico and Bimini beach at the end . 


              What do you think you’ll remember the most when you look back at this time? 

              We did have a hard time at first as it had been planned for 2 years and we were only 6 months away from our big day . We had to to re arrange this twice but in the end we got the date and everything we wanted just a year on. We got through it together.

              It was tough but we always said no matter what we will be married however it turns out . We were always positive about it and knew we would get there in the end! 

              What would you say to other couples considering getting married this year?
              Go ahead with your plans enjoy making them and don’t worry about the future,  as we did you can always re arrange and change them based on the circumstances . It was a little bit of pain for a lot of gain and now we are in a great place for September. All of the important people will be there and if we have to change it again we will deal with it when it comes along. Don’t let it get you down. Take it and change it and make it your own project and you even have a chance to change it slightly if you wanted to and your taste or ideas have changed or moved along.

              Be positive that you will get there and be married and it will be perfect , don’t rush into any sudden ideas, take time and think about it and do what you want to do don’t act on the situation . We all want to marry our best friends but it has to be how you want it. 

              Great advice from Emma & Paul and thank you so much for sharing your story with us! Wishing you all the best for your wedding in September. You story shows that true love will always win, no matter what is thrown in your way! 

              Thank you for supporting local independent businesses when choosing the elements that make up your big day x

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