Kelly & Mark's Iconic Love Story

Kelly & Mark's Iconic Love Story

Kelly & Mark's Iconic Love Story

• How did you guys meet?

Kelly: It was a bit strange because we ‘first’ met twice! The first time was via friends (but Mark was very drunk and doesn’t remember!) and the second was through work. It turns out we both worked for the same company but at different venues.

Mark: During Euros 2016. England vs Wales. She thinks I don’t remember but I do!

• What was your favourite thing about each other on that first impression? 

Kelly: I loved how charismatic he was! Just very laid back and friends with everyone. He’d been out with mutual friends and ended up at the pub I worked in. I was treated to a full on air guitar performance to Summer of 69 and was very impressed, haha!!

 Mark: I thought she was beautiful and well out of my league.

 • How did Mark propose? 

 Kelly: It was very spur of the moment and unplanned during a disagreement! Not the most romantic story but we’re still here three years later so it’s not all bad!

 Mark: We were having a silly row and I just blurted it out. I’d planned on asking anyway (much more elaborately) just not quite like that.

 • How did it feel having that ring on your finger? 

 Kelly: It was the best feeling! We chose the ring together and it just felt right instantly. I have really small hands so chose quite a simple style and I still love it as much as I did that first day.

 • What were you most excited about when you thought about starting to plan the wedding? 

 Kelly: The dress! Obviously I’m excited about everything but I think it’s every woman’s dream to just find that one perfect dress that was made for you.

 Mark: I don’t know really, just all of it!

 • How soon after the proposal did you start wedding planning? 

 Both: Immediately! Unfortunately we’ve changed our minds and plans so many times that we just haven’t made it down the aisle yet and then Covid hit and ended up in the air again!

 • Has the pandemic changed your plans for your wedding?

 Both: We were hoping for this year but due to travel etc (my dad lives in Ireland) we’re now having to wait until next year.

 • What, if anything have you had to change? 

 Both: Originally we were hoping for a simple ceremony followed by a big party but we’ve decided to scale that back hugely to just a day spent with immediate family and a reception in Marks parents garden! 

 • How do you feel about planning a wedding during a pandemic? 

 Both: Excited but the logistics of planning a wedding are just so difficult. With so many people on furlough etc it’s been really hard to get hold of anyone or book anything.

 • What about the big day will still be in place from your original planned day?  

Kelly: I’m still marrying the same man!! haha

 MarkWas about to say the same thing!!

 • What are you most looking forward to about the day?

 Kelly: Just being with our families and celebrating how much we love each other. Also a bit of karaoke!

 Mark: Definitely seeing Kelly in her dress.

 • Do you have honeymoon plans? 

 Kelly: Our plan has always been to go to New York (it’s on both of our bucket lists!) but now we’re undecided between that or a family holiday to Florida (we have children and I’m also Disney mad!).

 Mark: We keep changing our minds. Hoping to book something maybe a bit further down the line for a belated honeymoon.

 • What do you think you’ll remember the most when you look back at this time? 

 Kelly: 100% it’ll be that if we can get through over a year constantly in each other’s pockets then we can get through anything! It’s made me look forward to our future plans so much more.

Mark: That she didn’t kill me! Seriously though it’s just made me much more eager to get on with things and start our lives as a married couple.

• Do you have plans to celebrate again at a later date once restrictions have been lifted? 

Kelly: As we’re having such a small wedding we might very possibly have a bigger get together at some stage. My family is huge so I have lots of cousins who would like to celebrate with us!

Mark: Definitely. I think the last year has taught us we should take every opportunity we can to celebrate.

• What would you say to other couples considering getting married this year or next? 

Kelly: Just do it! It’s not the wedding that matters. Its the marriage.

Mark: It doesn’t matter whether you have a big or small wedding as long as the people you love are there.

Kelly & Mark, thank you so much for sharing your story with us! Wishing you all the best for your wedding and Thank you for supporting local independent businesses when choosing the elements that make up your big day x

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