Kristyna & Willis’ Iconic Love Story

Kristyna & Willis’ Iconic Love Story

Kristyna & Willis' Story

• How did you guys meet?

I met Willis while he was an apprentice tattooist at the tattoo shop I was getting work at, he was maybe only 19 years old - we were both with different people at that time in our lives when he tattooed me!

Our paths crossed multiple times over the years - we even rented the same address after each other...Very weird!

• What was your favourite thing about each other on that first impression? 

Kristyna: My favourite thing about Willis was his smile , He was just nice to be around .

Willis: Kristyna made me nervous, I found her foreign accent very sexy haha!

• How did Willis propose? 

Willis proposed the same day he bought the ring! He proposed in the harbour at sunset in the summer . He was so nervous , I got cold and wanted to leave , he said wait... and he got down on one knee . Of course I said yes !  

 • How did it feel having that ring on your finger? 

It felt truly special. I finally found my soul mate.

• What were you most excited about when you thought about starting to plan the wedding? 

I’d say the most exciting thing about the wedding planning was finding my dress! I think Willis was excited for his stag do, typical ! 

• How soon after the proposal did you start wedding planning? 

We planned our wedding before we were even engaged!  We both knew exactly how we both wanted it to be and feel , we have the same tastes . I think I bought my dress a month later.

• Has the pandemic changed your plans for your wedding?

The pandemic has changed our wedding entirely... We have pretty much changed the whole day, from which country - to the guest lists , even photographers and makeup artists /hairdressers  because of lockdowns and quarantine restrictions for two separate country’s as I am from Czech Republic .

 • How do you feel about planning a wedding during a pandemic? 

Planning the wedding at this time has been to be honest a nightmare as we have rebooked 3 times now , originally March then May now August :(

We have learned to be flexible though! And at this point we just want to marry each other ! We are still waiting for restrictions to ease but aiming for august 2021

 • What are you most looking forward to about the day?

I can’t wait to see him standing there, looking handsome ready to take our vows .

 • Do you have honeymoon plans? 

We currently have no honeymoon plans but we are thinking of going to Asia ... maybe Bali someplace exotic and definitely hot ! 

 • What do you think you’ll remember the most when you look back at this time? 

I think we will look back and remember our desire, no matter what gets thrown at us we will make it to our big day and just led by our passion to want to spend our lives together!

• What would you say to other couples considering getting married this year or next? 

I would say get married regardless , be prepared to be flexible and go with the flow , it’s supposed to be the best day of your life .

Try not to stress, it’s about the love . No matter what country or guests that will or won’t be there, not everything happens the way you plan it but , as long as you have each other.

We hope you like our love story 😉

Kristyna & Willis, thank you so much for sharing your story with us! Wishing you all the best for your wedding and Thank you for supporting local independent businesses when choosing the elements that make up your big day x



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