Vicki & Martyn’s Iconic Love Story

Vicki & Martyn’s Iconic Love Story

Vicki & Martyn’s Iconic Love Story

How did you guys meet?

Martyn: We met in 2017; we were both on the beach in our hometown at the same time and I recognised her from school. When I got home, I looked her up online and messaged her! We chatted a lot and decided to meet up.

Vicki: So, he saw me and messaged me, and I almost missed the notification! Luckily, I found his message anyway and quickly figured out who he was. We decided to meet at the beach, in that exact spot where he had seen me actually! But when we got there, it was pouring with rain, so we just sat in the car together and chatted for hours. It was actually the night before my birthday and when he realised this,he asked me “Would it be crazy if you saw your birthday in with me?” that’s what I did!


What was your first impression of each other?

Vicki: Wow! I remember just thinking he was really good looking, and he had this floppy quiff.

Martyn: I arrived early that evening because I was so nervous I’d be late! I still remember seeing her pull up, I remember exactly what she was wearing and that she had her hair down. I instantly had a good feeling about it.


How did Martyn propose?

Vicki: We woke up that morning to a call from his colleague at the Coastguard, saying that the Natural History Museum were going to be excavating for fossils on our beach that day. I’m a huge Jurassic Park fan! So if we wanted to get down there to look for fossils before it was all closed off, we’d better go this morning. But it was really early and we had plans to go out that day so I was a bit reluctant but Martyn talked me into going. We parked up – in the spot where we had our first date – and decided to search in different directions. I remember it was really lowtide that morning and boiling hot! I couldn’t find anything where I was looking and shouted out to him that I was having no luck. He shouted back that he might have found something, so I walked over to where he was. When I caught up with him, he asked “What about this?” and pointed to the pebbles. I saw a velociraptor claw! I couldn’t believe it! He told me to pick it up and look at it. I turned it over and engraved in the other side were the words “Marry Me”...I turned around to face him and he was on one knee holding this beautiful ring!

Martyn: She was totally in shock so I asked “Will you?” and she shouted “Yes!”. This whole thing had been about 6 months in the making with my excavation ruse!


How did it feel wearing that ring?

Vicki: I remember after he proposed, I just held onto the ring for ages instead of actually puttingit on my finger! It did feel strange at first, like I was just looking after it for someone. But now I feel lost when I’m not wearing it! I still look at it now and I’m just blown away by how beautiful it is.


What part of the wedding planning process were you most excited about?

Vicki: Definitely looking at venues. Being able to do that just us in our little wedding bubble!

Martyn: Asking my best friend to be my best man.


How soon after the proposal did you start planning the wedding?

Vicki: Oh only 2-3 weeks after! We weren’t expecting it to happen so quickly. We’d even said to friends and family that we’d start planning later in the year but it just took over and became the perfect time.

Martyn: The reason the planning was so easy was because we never had to convince each other of anything, we were completely on the same page as each other in every decision.


At what point did your plans start to change, due to restrictions?

Martyn: We had discussed it during the first lockdown in 2020, that this might affect our wedding.

Vicki: But since our wedding wasn’t until April 2021, we really hoped we’d be fine by then. It wasn’t until the lockdown in December 2020 that we realised we wouldn’t get the wedding we had planned for.


How did you feel at that point?

Vicki: I felt sick. I was just so sad for us, mostly because we didn’t think we’d be able to have all the people we love there. That’s what scared us the most.


What has had to change from your original plans?

Vicki: We have the option to move the date to later this year if it’s safer to do so. The number of guests may have to change and we’re not sure what the wedding reception will be able to look like yet.


What about the day will still be the same as you’d originally planned?

Vicki: Our bridal party, our close family being there with us, the venue and my beautiful flowers!

Martyn: Hopefully my Best Man can be there; he’s coming from Australia so we don’t know for sure yet.


What are you most looking forward to on that day?

Vicki: For me, it’s being out of the way with just my bridesmaids and taking a deep breath just before I walk down the aisle. I will make sure I take that moment for myself to take it all in. And my Dad walking me down the aisle, if he’s well enough. And of course, seeing Martyn stood at the end of aisle!

Martyn: Having a wife! And the opportunity to, hopefully, have all those people whose company we enjoy in one place.


Do you have any honeymoon plans?

Vicki: We’d like to go on a honeymoon, but we have no idea what that looks like now. We did plan on travelling around South America, finishing in Mexico. But to be honest, now we’d be happy here in the UK with a lodge in a forest with a hot tub, surrounded by nature!


What do you think you’ll remember the most when you look back at this time?

Vicki: I think I’ll remember how positive we’ve been able to stay throughout it all. We just won’t let any of this change our feelings about that day!


Do you have plans to celebrate again at a later date once all restrictions are lifted?

Martyn: We have discussed doing this if only a handful of people can be at the ceremony, then definitely.

Vicki: If we can only have less than 30 people at our ceremony then we’d love to celebrate on our 1st wedding anniversary with a huge party, live music, booze and fireworks!


What would you say to people considering getting married this year?

Vicki: Don’t underestimate the beauty in simplicity. A more simplistic wedding can still be every bit as beautiful. I like to think that when I look back at my day, I won’t remember what I didn’t have, I’ll just remember the love. Now’s the time to have that beautiful day, you can still have that!

Martyn: Small weddings are in! The longer you delay the day, the longer you’re delaying the marriage. And marriage is more than just one day. You can’t start the journey until you get in the car!

 Thank you so much Vicki and Martyn for sharing your Iconic Love story with us! We wish you every luck with your wedding plans for this year. Your story is a huge reminder to us that love can withstand all. And especially thank you for supporting local independent businesses when choosing all the elements of your big day!

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