Nomination Bangle

What is a Nomination Bangle?

nomination bangle

If you are searching for a piece of jewellery filled with originality  and the option to capture special moments, memories, places and events, then look no further. Nomination bangles are the answer! Nomination bangles are the ultimate fashion accessory…capable of expressing personality and passion whilst still maintaining style.

nomination bangle a

Nomination Bangle - Letter A

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nomination bangle b
Nomination Bangle - Letter Z

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The bracelets from Nomination’s collections are fashionable and guaranteed. Nomination bangles are made in Italy and are unisex i.e. suitable for both men and women.

This highly personal jewellery is perfect on any occasion. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, the men’s, women’s and children’s Nomination bangles collections will give you the chance to find the right bracelet for you, your family and your loved ones.

Nomination bangles became hugely popular a number of years ago, especially in the Westchester/Long Island/NYC area of America. Since then their popularity has spread across the globe and Iconic Jewellery Store are one of their appointed agents in the UK.

How do Nomination bangles work?

When you buy a Nomination charm, you can add it to your bracelet by using Nomination's hooking technique. Pull the ends of your bracelet apart to reveal the ends of each link. It takes some getting used to, but with practise the links can bile easily attached and rearranged to make your bracelet completely unique!

Choose from among our selection of romantic charm bracelets if you’re looking for something magical for a special woman, or go with a bangle bracelet for a sleeker and more modern look. Another great gift idea is our engravable bracelets: customise your gift with an inscription on a Composable bracelet Link or on the back of your Nomination jewellery for an original and personalised dedication.

And let’s not forget about all the jewellery just for men: the Atlante, Tribe and Voyage collections were created for the man who wants to be smart everywhere he goes. From among the many options you’ll definitely find the accessory you’re looking for: leather or stainless steel bracelets as well as others with brilliant gemstone details. Discover all our collections!

Iconic Jewellery Store are licenced Nomination resellers. Their online store will enable you to purchase not only the Nomination bangles, but a whole host of charms to go with it.

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