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Thomas Sabo

Single hoop earring with flash pendant silver CR705-051-14

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925 Sterling silver/ zirconia

• Single hoop with pendant in a set in 925 Sterling silver
• Earring pendant shaped like a lightning bolt with white zirconia stones
• Individual ear jewellery: Creole can be worn with or without pendant

Powerful Symbols: The earring pendant made of high-quality 925 Sterling silver is designed in the shape of a lightning bolt and set with sparkling white zirconia stones. It will turn any look into an electrifying eye-catcher. The pendant is very easy to put on the single hoop. It is made of pure 925 Sterling silver and has an outer diameter of 12 mm. Graphically reduced in a classic circular shape, the design shines with its perfected minimalism. Whether worn individually or in combination with the earring pendant, the creole earring offers a variety of possibilities for looks in the Ear Candy trend.